Southern Renewables Ltd is no longer trading due to increasingly challenging market conditions within the solar industry. We would like to thank all our customers for their business and reassure them that they are in safe hands with the customer base being entrusted to David Chewter and his team of experienced installers and engineers at The Solar Electricity Company. All customer details and related project documentation are being securely held on the company database (as before) and will not be transferred to a third party. The Southern Renewables telephone line is on divert to The Solar Electricity Company and all enquiries about either an existing or new solar installations will be handled by them directly. Thank you for your patience and understanding
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  • Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme Member Chooses Southern Renewables for a Whole Estate Approach to Energy Efficiency. Wiston Estate in Steyning is owned and managed by Harry and Pip Goring, and their son Richard. They have been custodians of the estate since the 1970s and are wholly committed to the overall conservation and preservation of [...]

  • Intelligent energy management is becoming increasingly important as a way of optimising the savings you can make. If you have a Fronius or SMA Inverter, we can make it work smarter by installing a switching system that will turn on an appliance once a minimum output is achieved from your inverter, ensuring that you maximise the energy [...]

  • Whatever will they think of next? New York designer Andrew Schneider is currently taking very limited orders for his Solar Bikini 

  • Due to the ever-decreasing cost of installing renewable energy technologies, the Government has made changes to the Feed-in-Tariff, announced for August 2012: The tariff for  up to 4kW installations (this applies to most households and small commercial/public sector buildings will be reduced to 16p/kWh (from 21p/kWh) – so for every kiloWatt hour of electricity you produce, [...]

Recent Testimonial
  • “I am delighted with the performance of the solar installation that was provided by your company. The output of the SANYO HIT 250W panels far exceeded my expectations and during June 2011 produced 288 kWh as opposed to a neighbour who in spite of having one more panel produced 110 kWh less. I am also impressed with the Enecsys micro-inverters for a number of reasons. Firstly for safety reasons as I think that AC voltage is much safer than over 500 volts DC. Secondly the micro-inverters allow each panel to be monitored so that I know that all the panels are performing to specification. The computer display is first class and I can see, at any time, the amount of generation over any period.”

    Dr David Jones BSc PhD FREng CEng FIEE FRSA MRI
    Past President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers